Benefits of Psychedelic Mushrooms for Your Health

Psychedelic mushrooms are proven to have plenty of healthy side benefits, including mental health treatment for depression, PSTD, alcohol, or other addiction issues. This way, the microdosing mushrooms therapy with magic mushrooms can become a breakthrough treatment for many, making it a very important step to decriminalize them.

Magic mushrooms and their incredible benefits have been around for a while; however, the lack of proper education surrounded by a black veil of taboo makes most of its properties go unnoticed for many.

In fact it was not until recently that science put any real interest into psychedelic mushrooms, and how a form of therapy called microdosing was great enough to help people to deal up with plenty of physical and mental disorders such as depression, OCD, PSTD, several types of addictions, cancer-related pain, and even headaches.

The importance of how this treatment may improve many people’s lives makes it urgent to support proposals for decriminalization, such as the Denver mushrooms decriminalization initiative, and even encourage psychedelic mushrooms decriminalization throughout the country, to make information and magic mushrooms therapy safe, and available for everyone in need.

We will review the benefits of magic mushrooms, what is microdosing, and a little appraisal on how important it is to strive on behalf of decriminalization policies for people who cultivate and use these mushrooms for medical purposes.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms (Psylocybin cubensus) are being used as a breakthrough treatment for several conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, cluster headaches, alcohol addiction, quitting smoking, and cocaine addiction.

Hundreds of novel studies supporting the benefits of microdosing mushrooms related to the properties that its active ingredient – psilocybin – are under way; magic mushrooms are a therapy being tracked by the FDA – especially for its potential link to improve PSTD disorder symptoms; being tagged as a ¨breakthrough therapy¨ for them, which will possibly see the green light in the course of 2021.

This type of mushroom is also the main character of several psychedelic mushrooms decriminalization initiatives. Cities like Colorado, Oregon, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Washington DC, and Denver mushrooms decriminalization are behind the cause of making psychedelic mushrooms legal to grow, and consume to improve their overall health state for everyone.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

On the other hand, we have the Cordyceps militaris, a type of mushroom that perfectly improves your physical health, and wellness.

Studies show that this type of psychedelic mushrooms helps your body to increase its ATP production, essential to produce energy, and store it in our muscles. This is great news for high-performance athletes since it improves the way our body uses the oxygen available.

The cordyceps mushrooms also aid to secure your heart health and handling type 2 diabetes better.

With antitumor and antiaging properties; this magic mushroom becomes a great ally to people looking to improve their health naturally with the help of fungal medicine.

Another interesting fact of cordyceps mushrooms is that they can be used as a natural sexual enhancer for men. This way, mushrooms are not only a great way to start growing your own superfoods, but they are also packed with plenty of side interesting properties that will benefit you, and your loved ones in many ways.

Shiitake Mushrooms

This delicious, and highly nutritive superfood has been shown to support your immune system as well as your cardiovascular health; also aiding to control obesity.

By eating lentinula enodes, you will increase your energy levels, and enhance your brain health.

These psychedelic mushrooms are additionally an outstanding supply of vitamin D – great for your bone, heart, and immune health -.

Lions Mane Mushrooms

Finally, this mushroom is a delight used for thousands of years as a food delicatessen and a medicinal product in the Asian and Indian cultures.

It can be prepared as you like: cooked, dried, raw, or even as tea!

These psychedelic mushrooms – besides being delicious – possess several active ingredients that will help you enhance your cognitive skills, and help Alzheimer’s patients with their symptoms.

Lion’s mane is also a great protector of your heart and gut; decreasing the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. It is also a fantastic collaborator to fight mild signals of anxiety and depression, and speed up the recovery from strokes and spinal injuries.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a medicinal therapy that can be done in the safety of your house, where you ingest small doses of psychedelic mushrooms to relieve physical or mental symptoms for several health conditions.

All of the psychedelic mushrooms described can work as microdosing mushrooms, the important part of this process involves getting comfortable with a small dose of these psychedelic mushrooms that serve its purpose: help with the health condition, and improve the quality of life of its consumers.

Since there are plenty of benefits from the magic mushrooms, it is an excellent option to being able to grow, and consume your own medicine in the form of these superfoods.

Organic, natural, with plenty of physical, and mental benefits; psychedelic mushrooms have become more than a therapy to a way of living that could enhance people’s lives without the harmful consequences of consuming chemicals or long-term addictive medicines.

If you are open to taking care of your overall wellbeing, we advise you to regain power over your mental and physical health by growing your fungal food medicine.

Monster Mushrooms is a great way to start this organic lifestyle. We will guide you through the whole process of choosing, growing, and harvesting several types of medicinal mushrooms to enhance your overall health.

With over 20 years of experience, Monster Mushroom is here to help you begin with this new and exciting world of growing your food, and fungal medicine.

Contact us anytime and go from a mushroom enthusiast to a knowledgeable mushroom grower, taking care of what you consume, how to consume it, when, and where, thus improving every aspect of your wellbeing.


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